wonderful team member readership award.

wonderfulteamreadershipawardI hadn’t checked my email in 2 days. So…..when I finally sat down at my computer last evening, I was welcomed with 25 unread messages, one of those notifying me of a new comment on my about page. I excitedly read the comment and realized that I was nominated for a special award called, “The Wonderful Team Member Readership Award”! Honestly, I had never heard of this award so I was naturally curious to read about it. Mrs. Choux, blogger at the Recipe Box, a faithful follower of my blog, is the lady who nominated me for this award. Thank you so much! I read her post and discovered that this award is given to loyal readers who frequently comment, like, or just visit and read. I came across Mrs. Choux’s food blog months ago and loved what she bakes and cooks! I always like to find new recipes to keep in the back burner of my mind for future reference. :0) If you’re looking for new recipes, The Recipe Box is a must go to.

Being a nominee, I must complete a few tasks. First, I must post a picture of the award (check.), second I need to introduce who nominated me (check.), finally I nominate at least 14 bloggers. Here they are, however it will be much less than 14. :0) These few listed below have either commented, liked, or visited/read my blog frequently. Whichever way you made your presence known, just know that you are appreciated! And for those of you who are from all over the world, I’m constantly amazed that this little blog of mine is reaching people not only in the U.S., but also in India (no joke) and several other countries. My heart is happy and I feel very blessed. My nominees:

Maci Britt

Hannah Goddard

Phylicia Delta

Catalina Creative




Shaylah Ney

This is a fun award and I hope you all enjoyed it. For my nominees, follow the steps above, and please pass it on to your loyal followers!

Happy blogging,

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. Ashley Minck says:

    Such a fun post! Supporting other bloggers is amazing and you are supporting some great ones here! Keep up the good work!

    1. Sarah Soine says:

      Thank you so much, Ashley! 🙂

  2. calichristian says:

    hey sarah! i love ur blog 🙂

    1. Sarah Soine says:

      Thanks, Sarah 🙂

  3. Natalie says:

    Thank you so much Sarah!! You are the sweetest 🙂 I’m finally back to catching up on my favorite reads full force and spotted this!!! It’s always wonderful to share your favorites and support other bloggers!

    1. Sarah Soine says:

      Aww, thanks! You are so welcome. I love supporting my favorite blogs and bloggers! 🙂

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