a little post about links.

cheerfulSo, I haven’t blogged in a while. :/ My life has been extremely busy with my church’s VBS starting up, Graduation Party planning (I will post pictures soon), and just other stuff. I finally have a few moments to sit and write to you! My next post in the series, “10 Ways to be a Godly Young Woman”, is in the works so don’t get impatient because the topic is on being patient. Take a deep breath and try not to think about it. You’re going to be all right. 😉

Instead, I decided to do a midweek links post for your enjoyment. I was inspired by Maci Britt’s link love posts! So here it goes…

// this salmon recipe.

// my friend’s new blog.

// trying not to worry about what I don’t see or understand.

// very much in love with this mint and gold color scheme for my future wedding.

// my dream wedding dress.

// our modern day culture…what boys today will say to their sons 15 years down the road.

// i wouldn’t mind living in this house…very peaceful.

// i really am 16 going on 17.

// mini chocolate and salted caramel tarts


happy blogging,

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