little thoughts of mine.


“And you are Christ’s, and Christ’s is God’s.” -1 Corinthians 3:23

I read this the other day and it blew my mind in the sweetest way possible. Out of this one verse sparked so many needed thoughts and much encouragement from the Lord.

To be honest, lately it has been a struggle to get into the Word as deep as I want to. After graduating Bible College and being constantly submerged in the Word, I have found it difficult to get to the level I want to in my personal devotions. I know it’s just a season, as every Christian can go through. So moments like these are so cherished.

Right now, I’m going through the book of 1 Corinthians in my devotions and I’m finding that it’s SO rich. This verse in particular stood out to me the other day.

I am Christ’s. Christ is God’s. Therefore since God and Christ are both one, I am God’s. I belong to Him. There is no one else I’d rather belong to. This beautiful realization left me in awe of the Lord and His love for me.

So, if I belong to Him, my actions, thoughts, and words should be glorifying to Him. If I belong to anything, I should act like I belong to that thing. When you belong to an organization, or company, or even are in a covenant relationship such as a marriage, your actions, thoughts, and words will naturally reflect that thing. Likewise, since we belong to Christ, our actions, thoughts, and words should reflect His nature.

How is this possible when we are so wicked at our core? It’s only possible through Jesus and Him alone. When we surrender ourselves to Him daily, and as for a fresh filling of His spirit, He gives us the supernatural strength to overcome our flesh and glorify Him.

This leads me to my other thought. Since we are Christ’s, and since we belong to Him, how does this affect how we view ourselves? That’s not to say our eyes should be constantly on ourselves; they really shouldn’t at all. But how do you view yourself? If you’re constantly talking yourself down, that’s a form a pride. But on the other extreme, if you’re constantly thinking highly of yourself, that’s also pride. Maybe a better question to ask yourself is, how does Jesus see you?

He sees you as completely cleansed, washed, and redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ. Simple. Beautiful. Fact.

We see ourselves as rotten human beings (that is the partial truth). But, that title alone is a lie from the enemy. Yes, we are, but that’s not the end of the story.

If you have believed upon the name of Jesus and have surrendered your heart and life to Him, you are no longer a sinner in bondage to your sin. You’re a sinner who has been saved by grace. Your identity has been completely altered. Yes, the fact that you’re a sinner remains true, but your identity seen by Jesus is the total opposite. He sees you covered in the blood of Jesus, which was ultimately the payment for your sin.

Therefore, there is no longer a need to see yourself as a terrible person with no hope. Since you belong to Christ, you are a new creation, someone with a new identity in Jesus Christ! Your name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life and you WILL spend eternity in Heaven with your Savior.

Now what do you do? What is your response now that you know you belong to the One Who saved you?


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