pondering redemption.

“Now these are Your servants and Your people, whom You have redeemed by Your great power, and by Your strong hand.” -Nehemiah 1:10

After completing 2 years of Bible College, I feel like my walk with the Lord is stronger, but at the same time, I feel like I still don’t know anything. I feel like if anything, all that I’ve learned at Bible College has left me more in awe of the Lord and more at a loss to describe Who He is and what He has done. Yes, the more we know about the Lord, the closer we get to Him and the better we know His heart, but at the same time the more we know about the Lord, the more we realize the vastness of His character. So even after graduating Bible College, I am at a loss to describe the beauty of my Savior and my Redeemer. He is just that amazing.

This afternoon as I sat in one of favorite coffee shops with two good friends, reading and writing, I read this verse in Nehemiah. It just made me sit a ponder the Redemptive nature of our Lord. We are His servants. We first need to realize that and grasp that. We are bondservants of the Lord unto freedom. We are slaves to Christ and it is the most joyful thing ever. It is not a slavery unto bondage, but unto freedom. With that knowledge, what is my response to the Lord practically?

One thing we all need to be reminded of daily is that Christ has redeemed us by His great power and strong hand. He is sovereign. Yet, He gives us the choice to be His bondservants. Let that sink in. Friend, Jesus has redeemed you. He has saved you from an eternity of bondage to your sin. That is the God we serve. Ponder that, meditate on that, rejoice in that. Since God redeemed you, He can overcome anything you are worried about or struggling with in life. Every little worry and anxiety, Christ holds it in His hand. He died for you, therefore He can and will give you the strength to endure through life’s hardships. Let Him reign in your heart.

Meditate on the beauty of redemption today.



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