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Tonight I was reminded of the beauty of eternity. Gosh, I can’t fully wrap my mind around it, but it’s baffles me to a point where my brain kind of hurts. God, the God of the Universe, the One Who created me and loved me at my darkest point, and saved me despite my sin, that same God wants to spend eternity with me. What.

Also reminded tonight of how infinite God is. Here on earth, we are constantly learning more and more about the character of our Savior. What an incredibly exciting life we have as believers! We get to dive deep into the mind of God through the study of His Word, through life experiences, and through the people He places in our lives on a daily basis. But take a moment to think about heaven and eternity. If God is infinite, which is a fact, then heaven is going to be an amazing time of getting to know God even deeper. We will be dwelling with Him. Again, how mind blowing is that. Dwelling with God. Wait a second. When you live with someone, you really get to know them. And for the most part (actually all the time), that person is finite, therefore you can only reach a certain point with them until you can officially say that you know every ounce of their being. But with God, that’s not the case. We will be living with Him, yet we will never fully know Him. Every moment in heaven we will be learning more and more about our God.

As I sit here with my lovely friend, enjoying Starbucks, people watching, Chuck Smith sermons, and simply taking it easy after a long day, I feel so blessed to be serving this very same God I just told you about. What a privilege and an honor it is to be called one of His very own children.

Ponder heaven, dear friend. Ponder the perfection and the beauty it will be.

xoxo, Sarah


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