ministry: a lifestyle.

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This summer the Lord really opened my eyes to something vital for my life. A few years ago I felt the call of ministry on my heart. And since attending Bible College, that desire has only grown bigger and bigger. But what started as a desire to travel the world sharing the love of Christ, has now changed to the fact that ministry is a lifestyle. I want my life to be dedicated to ministry in any form. For all I know, I will get married someday, start a family, and that will be my main ministry. Or perhaps I will open up my home one day for a women’s bible study that I will lead. Or maybe I’ll adopt and create a ministry of my own in that respect. Whatever happens, I want my life to be a ministry. I want to love and serve people for the rest of my life. I want to make a beautiful impact for Christ’s name.

The point is: yes, God has called me to a life ministry, but the truth is that He has called ALL Christians to ministry. Ministry is simply serving and ministering to people. Yes, I am open to the Lord taking me internationally (perhaps short term), but what changed in my heart is the contentment that I feel if the Lord calls me to a quieter life of ministry. The calling on my life that He has given me has not died, but the Lord has just revealed to me that a quiet, home life pouring into a family, or a church body is a huge, vital ministry in and of it self.

I do imagine my self going on short term missions trips throughout my life, simply spreading the love of Jesus, but if the Lord called me to lead a women’s bible study, or even to disciple women who have gone through abortions, I would be so content.

Friends, ask the Lord where He is calling you. And be encouraged that you don’t have to be some big-time international missionary to please the Lord. He will exalt the humble.

xoxo, Sarah.


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