a simple gospel reminder.

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jesus loves you. i know, it’s so cliche. but it’s so true. do you really believe it? do you own the fact that the simple truth that is the truest thing this earth has ever known, is the fact that jesus loves you. so, so much. more than you can even comprehend.

think about this. a man, without sin or blame, lived about 2,000 years ago. he lived a simple life. he had a family, he had to learn to speak, read, and write. as an adult, his ministry began. he chose disciples, however many other people followed him as well. he would teach them, perform miracles, love them, rebuke them (in love), and call them to repentance which he promised would lead to everlasting life with him in heaven. he spoke the truth. this man was jesus, and jesus is God.

at age 33, it was time. it was time for all the old testament prophecies to be fulfilled. this man jesus, was the chosen one (God’s Son), the one to carry the burden of your sin, my sin, the sins of the world, to the cross to be paid for once and for all. let’s stop and think of everything you’ve done in your life that would not be pleasing to the Lord. wow, that’s a lot right? i’m not condemning you for your sin, i’m just asking you to stop and reflect. it’s important to reflect on your past in order to somewhat understand the depth of God’s love for you. so, this flawless man, was arrested for you. he was taken into custody by the roman government by request of his own people, the jews – all for you. he was beaten, whipped, bruised, mocked, rejected, torn up, ripped apart, embarrassed – all for you and your sins. even if you had only committed one sin in your entire life; that’s still enough for jesus to go to the cross, because sin is just that devastating to him.

after all the beatings jesus experienced, he was forced to carry his cross. his already unrecognizable body was now being tested to the extreme. yet, he didn’t complain at all. once he reached golgotha, his hands and feet were nailed through to the cross. he then hung on that cross, gasping for air, yet persevering. he was dying a brutal death, one of the most brutal types of persecution this world has known. on top of that, he was carrying the weight of the sin of the world on his shoulders. no, not only the cross. he was carrying the actual guilt, blame, disgusting truths of sin, all on him. whose sin? yours and mine. you know that feeling of guilt you experience when you sin? well, jesus took that upon himself. but not just your sin, also my sin, and the sin of every single person who has ever lived, and ever will live. that’s a lot. more than my brain can wrap my mind around.

and finally, when the cost was paid, jesus died on that cross. it was finished.

isn’t that humbling? but wait. that’s not the end. three glorious days later, that same jesus raised himself up from dead in victory! he defeated death and rose again! in order for our sins to truly be paid for in full, the victory over death had to be done – and it was.

now, my friend, you can have that same victory in Christ Jesus over your sin. this gift of salvation is FREE. yes, free. your sins are paid for completely by the blood of the Lamb of God, that is Jesus Christ. but will you accept that? and if you already have (PTL), are you now living a life that glorifying to the Lord, or are you still stuck in the sins of your old life? because once you accept this free gift of salvation, jesus asks that you die to your old self (leave your old habits behind, lost and forgotten) and to be born again by his holy spirit, and to be transformed by the renewing of your mind. have you made that step?

don’t wait. jesus is calling you!


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