let me update you on my life.

England. Austria. Fundraising. Friends. College. Church. Those are the things keeping me busy (it’s all fun and good). With that said, I’ve missed a lot of blogging. So here I am again, here to update you on my life as of late!


>>> I’m headed to England (to visit a friend) and Austria (for a missions trip) this summer! I am quite excited to say hello to the Queen and to live and serve in an Austrian Castle for 2 months.


>>> I’ve been fundraising for said trip and I’m amazed at how God is providing. I still have a ways to go, but I’m confident the Lord will provide. If you would like to support me you can go to this link.


>>> Coffee and schoolwork has been a regular, as well.


>>> Good times with friends has also been refreshing. Coffee with Hannah, Subway and the new movie, Cinderella (possibly the best Disney movie yet) with Mere and Care, Skype with the loveliest Brooke, emailing distant friends, and shaved ice with Maddy and Jake to name a few. On Easter, a friend and I took a couple pictures in our Easter dresses!


>>> Two SoCal trips just weeks apart to visit family! Fun times at the Flower Fields.


>>> Also, Downtown Disney was pretty nice.


>>> A college visit to Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. There was a bubblegum wall in Downtown. I also ate super yummy dark chocolate gelato, sat on the beach, witnessed some lovely flower covered hills, saw cute sayings on walls, ate good food, and even visited the Madonna Inn.

>>> Selfies sent to friends.


>>> Glowing house with a moonlit night sky.



Thus completes the happenings of late. I dearly hope to post my Wednesday Devo tomorrow! Until then, dear readers.

s a r a h  g r a c e


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  2. SLO is one of my favorite places ever.

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