random post >>> summer travels and things


hello readers! this is a completely random post and not my usual wednesday deovtional…i’m just not feeling very inspired today. i guess you could call it writer’s block. so this post is basically going to consist of a bunch of random rambles. hey, maybe this will become a new series. who knows!

•but i do have some small news. i’m planning more summer travels! england and austria are on my list! i must say, i think i have the traveling bug inside of me. 😉 as the day comes closer, i may post a link for donations, if you feel led to help me out in my second missions trip endeavor. but as of now, your prayers for all the fundraising to go smoothly and for the Lord’s will to be done, would be great!

•as some of you may have already seen in my previous post, i’m headed to bible college! so exciting! i accidentally put the wrong financial aid link in my last post, so here’s the working one if you’re interested: https://ccbc.populiweb.com/bookstore/student_charg

•i read this verse in job the other day was very encouraged: “I know that You can do everything, and that no purpose of Yours can be withheld from You.” (job 42:2) this is so good. it was such a good reminder for me to trust God with all my heart. this verse is my prayer. i always want to have the attitude that God can do everything and that every purpose of His that He has for me, will come to pass. thank you, Lord.

•being sick is no fun.

•also, pinterest has been very inspiring lately. check out this fun diy.

okay, that’s all the randomness i have in me today. check back tomorrow for my thursday mood board!

*pc: moi, somewhere over germany*

§ sarah


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