I’ve been thinking about these lovely people recently. And I’ve been craving spek a lot too. But forget about the spek, the people are more important. 🙂 Dany, Gioele, Brooke, Kelsie, and Carly (from left to right), were all such a blessing to me this past summer! Dany, Gioele, and Kelsie were such great role models and acted like the 3 older siblings I never had. Carly and Brooke were two amazing girls who loved the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength. I only knew Carly for 3 days before she left the Castle, but we definitely clicked, and we still keep in touch. We didn’t really need to have anything in common to be considered friends; Jesus was our bond!

But the spek was amazing too! Spek is basically smoked pork. It’s de-lish. And yes, this was what I was served. Just like pictured. The point was to thinly slice the spek yourself, slab some butter on bread, and put the spek on the bread along with the pickles (the sage green stuff on the left). I did not touch the pickles by the way.

The outside of the Spek restaurant. It’s situated on a farm, and owned by a sweet little Austrian family who raise their own pigs. In fact, while we were eating, we could hear the pigs in their pen! It made the whole experience, well…..authentic. 😉

The view from the Spek restaurant in all its glory. And God is the Creator of it all!

happy blogging,



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