#tbt (throwback tuesday).


Throw back to when the whole SoS crew went to dinner in Italy (most of us for our first time)! These girls were such a blessing to me, so much so, that we created a name for all four of us; the Broonies. (i’m not exactly sure if that’s how you spell it, but whatever!) The point is we were all brunettes and we liked hanging out. 🙂

I highly encourage you, if you get the chance, to go to dinner in Italy. Their pizza is the best, or as the Italians say it, loro pizza è il migliore! You think Costco pizza is good? Well think again and try real pizza made in Italia! But what made this dinner outing in Italy even more exciting was going there with these girls, eating gelato, watching a concert, doing weird, random things in the middle of the street, and just being together. So, if you get the chance to go to Italy for dinner WITH these 3 girls, do it! It’s so worth it!

I miss you, Sophia, Melissa, and Danna!

happy blogging,



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