new things.


Sometimes new is good. Sometimes new is bad. And sometimes changes need to occur soon after they’ve already been changed. For instance, my Sunday blessings post; for the past couple weeks I’ve found that doing a post on Sundays is just not possible. I’m at church most of the day, I come home, eat lunch, and then usually take a nap. After that, I head to the Sunday evening service, and by the time I come home I eat dinner, relax, and then go to bed.

I am very sad to part with my old Sunday blessings posts, but fear not, it’s not completely going away! Instead of Sunday blessings, it will now be “Happy Mondays”. The idea and format of the posts will not change just the name and day. 🙂 Why the new title? Because Mondays aren’t always happy and sometimes it’s good to start the week off with 5 blessing to be thankful for!

Because of the new Monday post, I will now have a “#tbt (throw back tuesday)” post and will keep my Wednesday devotional, as well as my Friday links post. So no worries! Things aren’t changing drastically. 🙂

Speaking of changes, a dear friend I met in Austria updated her photography website! Go check out Edelweiss Photography!

Stay tuned for my #tbt post later this afternoon!

happy blogging,



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