#tbm (throwback monday).


Not this past weekend, but the weekend before, we were in SoCal to visit my grandma, a college, and also some of my friends I met in Austria. We organized to meet for dinner on Saturday the 1st, at Ruby’s Diner in Huntington Beach and I was so tremendously surprised that some of my favorite people were able to make it! Honestly, I wasn’t excited, I was beyond excited. 🙂 It’s definitely really neat to think that you met and served with these people in another country and here you are seeing them for the 2nd time in your home state! It was a huge blessing. While I was in Austria, I made several friends and I’m so glad I did. But not all of them I’ll see again in this life. We would joke by saying that we may not see each other on earth, but we’l see each other in Heaven! What a promising blessing that is! However, the fact that I was able to see a few of the CA peeps last week, really blessed my heart. It was so nice to re-kindle those friendships; it was surreal. I love how the Body of Christ is so intimate. As humans, we were not created to be lonely, in fact, God loves to see His people congregate through fellowship. And by doing so, we have more opportunities to build up, encourage, and edify our fellow believers. What makes it fairly easy is that we all have the same bond, which is Jesus Christ, our Savior. By meeting up with some of my friends I met over the summer, I really felt refreshed, encouraged, and very thankful that God put those individuals in my life.

happy blogging,



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