links for the weekend.

First off, I saw this quote on Pinterest and thought it was pretty accurate. I like C.S. Lewis’ point of view very much. 🙂

So I kind of haven’t been on the blog lately….and I apologize. But I think I have a good excuse. I’ve been studying for the SAT this weekend! But I think it’s time for a blog post so I thought I’d squeeze this one in there before the test tomorrow morning. 🙂 Hopefully by next week, everything will be back to normal and I’ll have my Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday posts ready for you to read!

Now here’s some links.

// i wouldn’t mind tying the knot in an austrian castle!

// what a perfect danish summer house.

// two problems with these shoes: 1) anthropologie doesn’t sell them anymore and 2) they were $80.

// buttermilk spice layer cake with brown sugar cream cheese frosting….wow, that’s a mouthful! 😉

// what a novel idea for christmas ornaments!

Alrighty, until Sunday!

happy blogging,



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