austrian houses and cottages.

Have you ever seen a cute house and wished you were the owner? Well I saw plenty of those while I was in Austria! As me and some friends walked down the hill from the famous Castle in Salzburg, we decided to take a shortcut through the alleyways. Oh my, what cute houses there were. I said to my German friend, “These houses are all so adorable!!” Her reply was, “What do you mean? All houses in Germany and Austria look like this!” I guess I’m so used to track homes here in the states. Apparently, those do not exist in Europe!

Look at those vines crawling up the side of this house. I love it. This house was probably my favorite primarily because of their garden! It was so lush and green. The only reason I didn’t snap a picture of it was that the entire family was sitting out in their garden hanging up their laundry on clothespins. There was an old man in a wheelchair, a little old woman sitting in a lawn chair, and a young lady hanging the laundry. They seemed to be enjoying the day very much; the weather was beautiful and everything was peaceful. I didn’t want to be that annoying tourist, so I decided not to take a picture of their lovely garden. 🙂

I simply can’t get enough of these windows.

Yes, this is a medieval castle. However, it is now someone’s home! What!? I know, right?

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