#tbm (throw back monday).

We’ve all heard of #tbt (aka throw back tuesday or thursday). But who said you can’t do that for any day of the week? Therefore, I’ve created #tbm (throw back monday). Who knows, maybe it’s already been created, but it’s new to me! 🙂 Here’s a picture of a few of my friends in Austria right before we watched Frozen in the Grand Room of the Castle. It was the last night we would all be together at the same time, so it was definitely a special and fun evening! The friendships I made while in Austria were numerous and each one was such a blessing to me.

From left to right: Sophia, Brooke, Me, Emily, and Nick.



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  1. thewhyorwhynotgirl says:

    Ohhhh dear… Look at that hair. *cringes* why this picture.

  2. Sarah Soine says:

    Because I love it. And true friends don’t care about what their other friend’s hair looks like because their beautiful no matter what. 😉

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