strawberry and chocolate gelato.

Having traveled Europe a bit this summer, I was able to experience the wonderful taste of gelato. As I kept in touch with family and friends while I was gone, I would send them pictures of the amazing sweet treat and explain how it far surpasses the taste of ice cream. In the States, we do have American gelato, but it’s just not the same. European gelato is creamy in texture, and no matter what flavor you get it tastes fresh. For all my life I have never been a huge fan of fruity ice cream, but while in Austria I decided to try the Strawberry gelato, and oh my word! It was fantastic. It tasted like fresh Strawberries from a farmer’s market. Once, I had Strawberry Cheesecake gelato in Venice…so good.

Another favorite was their coffee gelato. Heaven on a cone as I like to call it. After discovering these two favorites, one day I decided to mix the two. I know, weird right? Even as I ordered at the counter of Lagler’s pastries and gelato, the lady repeated my order to make sure she got it right. Here is a picture (taken with my iPod touch) of my Strawberry and Coffee gelato on September 15th. I walked into town by myself to get some money at the ATM one hour before a bunch of us left to go to dinner in Tarvisio, Italy! I was hot and I knew this would be my last gelato of my trip so I splurged. 🙂



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  1. thewhyorwhynotgirl says:

    Yum. Gelato. I’m gonna marry gelato.

    1. Sarah Soine says:

      Amen, me to. Wait, we can’t both be married to gelato, now can we? 😉

      1. thewhyorwhynotgirl says:

        Well why dont you marry Reese’s Peanut Buttercups and I marry gelato?

      2. Sarah Soine says:

        That sounds fair enough! And our kids will marry eachother and create Reese’s Gelato!! Oh my gosh. That sounds so good right now.

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