a weekend of fundraising.

This past weekend, my Austria traveling companion Amanda and I had 2 yard sale fundraisers for our trip. The Lord blessed it tremendously and provided Amanda and I with more money than we came in with, so we are very thankful. Amanda is not pictured, as she didn’t want her picture taken. :0) Below is my brother and I taking another “selfie”.


My brother dressed up with his bowtie and khakis to sell coffee, cookies, and candy at Mr. Bowtie’s. Just an FYI, he drew the entire sign! He’s a very talented artist.


Here’s Sam again posing for the camera. :0)


Below is a shot of Mr. Bowtie’s stand and some of the yard sale.


God blessed us immensely with lots of donations! I couldn’t get a full picture, so this is about half of the stuff.


It was amazing weekend where Amanda and I were able to share our story, details about the Castle, and gather funds for our summer trip. Also, yesterday after church, Amanda and I were able to fellowship with an old friend of mine, Emma, who has gone to the Castle 2 years in a row! It was great to hear some tips, stories, and the run-down of a day in the life of a Castle resident. :0) My excitement is growing, but so is my anxiousness. I’m a little worried at how the funds will pan out, but God is constantly reminding me, “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God” (Philippians 4:6). I know that everything is going to work out according to His perfect will!

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  1. Tiribulus says:

    When are you leaving again Sarah? I couldn’t find it in the other articles.

      1. Tiribulus says:

        You have eons my dear!!! Our God is the creator, sustainer and owner of all that is!! He is not mystified by your need 🙂 Will stand with you in believing for his provision.

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