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10 Ways tolittlegirl Grow up and be a Godly Young Woman. Even if you’re not a little girl, this is for you! This was the blog post request I received from someone in my church. I really liked the idea seeing as I love to write about the things of the Lord, I love little girls, and I love the topic of womanhood, purity, modesty, and everything else related. You see, those topics are rarely talked about because most people just don’t care. Womanhood is taken lightly these days when really, it should be taken seriously because that’s who God made us women to be. We are to be women, be feminine, and be gentle. We need to be who men can never be both physically and spiritually. Young women need to be trained up to be women of God. Our culture today has blended the roles of men and women and in the end, they are very confused. Now we find girly, softy men rather than real godly leaders and we see women trying to be tough and take the lead. You might say that some people try to switch the roles. The result: disastrous.SEP020660

Now I understand that some girls like to fish, climb trees, or maybe even hunt. I’ve fished before and rather enjoyed it! In fact, I know a girl who loves to do those things (you can visit her blog here) but she still maintains that sense of femininity. She wear skirts and dresses to church, wears makeup (she’s gorgeous), bakes, cooks, knits, etc. But she is still a feminine and godly woman. If you had just met her, you would never have known that she liked fishing, hunting, and football. You would only know that once you really got to know her. :0)

Womanhood is a beautiful thing. As women, we have a unique role given to us by God Himself. We are meant to be the caretakers of our husbands, our children, and our homes. We are the cooks, maids, house cleaners, and laundresses, as well as the chaperones. :0) I’m not a wife or mother, so I only know this from watching my own Mom! But there is much more to womanhood than taking care of the family and the home. A woman needs to be agentlemanquote woman of God; pure, loving, kind, faithful, joyful, etc. All of those qualities (and more) will help prepare young girls and young women for adult womanhood, wifehood, and eventually motherhood. Now, I’m sort of speaking to myself here as well. I’m still young; 1 and 1/2 years until I’m an official adult. But as a young woman, I feel that I am qualified to give advice to little girls. Besides, they have to learn young. The world tells young girls at an early age to “be yourself”, “listen to your heart”, “follow your dreams”, and other nonsensical sayings. In fact, as much as I loved (and still love) Disney princesses, they do spread some common lies like “dreams always come true” and many others. So love those princesses for their pretty dresses and the fun songs, just not for the message behind it. :0)

My goal in this new series is to write 10 posts on 10 ways for young girls (and young women) to become Godly Women. The 10 topics we will be covering are 1) be loving, 2) be cyellowontent, 3) be patient, 4) be gentle, 5) be modest, 6) be different, 7) be quiet (I’m not trying to be rude :0), I meant have a quiet heart; don’t be rambunctious), 8) be in the Word, 9) be ladylike, and 10) be pure. These are 10 qualities I find to be extremely lacking in our culture today. So as I post, ask yourself, “Am I loving, am I content, am I patient, am I gentle, am I modest, am I different from the crowd, am I quiet, am I reading the Bible, am I ladylike, and am I pure?” And to tell the truth, I fail in ALL these areas as well. So let’s go on this journey together! :0)

happy blogging,

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  1. Virginia says:

    I’m all for it! I totally agree with you! Can’t wait for the series sounds great! 🙂

    1. Sarah Soine says:

      Thanks so much! I’m glad to hear that my readers are excited to. 🙂

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