be feminine.

“To me, a lady is not frilly, flouncy, flippant, frivolous, and fluff-brained, but she is gentle, she is gracious, she is godly and she is giving. You and I have the gift of femininity…the more womanly we are, the more manly men will be and the more God is glorified. Be women, be only women, be real women in obedience to God.” -Elisabeth Elliot

I love this quote! Being a feminine woman is growing more and more rare these days. I think Elisabeth Elliot hit a home run in this quote of hers. Girls these days are definitely frilly (wanting attention), flippant (disrespectful), frivolous (lack of seriousness, and self-indulgent), and fluff-brained. That is not ladylike. When you think of ladylike, do you think of Grace Kelly or Miley Cyrus? Kate Middleton or Britney Spears? Being a lady is becoming different and odd inkatemiddleton this day and age, and to be honest, it’s sad. Where are the innocent girls who love to wear 50s style dresses and wear red lipstick? Now, I’m NOT saying that to be a lady, you have to look like and act like Audrey Hepburn (I wear jeans and that is not wrong in any way), but what I AM saying is that our culture of girls have lost their femininity! We need girls to be more feminine and not only to dress like a lady, but act like one to.

Elisabeth Elliot goes into even more detail here by adding that a lady is godly and giving. To be a lady not only means to be ladylike on the outside, but also on the inside. Your heart has to be ladylike, as well. Be godly (that is, be a woman who believes and follows the Lord), and be a giver. A lady who is a giving person is far more attractive than a lady who always wants things for herself. Next, Elizabeth Elliot says that femininity is a gift! Do you realize, ladies, that being a girl is a gift? It’s amazing to think that God specifically designed YOU to be a girl. Even before conception, He chose you, your looks, your personality, and even your flaws. You are unique!

The quote then goes on to say that if we (women) are more womanly, the men will become more manly. If you look at today’s culture and see how non-feminine the ladies are, you will soon see how non-manly the mgracekellyen are becoming. The men want to please the women, right? So if the women are not feminine, the men will treat the women as tomboys, not REAL women. The point is, men and women were made to attract one another, and so the men need women who will look up to them, and let them open the door for them. Men will only be gentlemen when the woman are feminine. There needs to be a distinction between men and women. That distinction is good and healthy and it is something my generation is lacking.

When we have that down, where women are womanly and men are more manly, then God is glorified. Let me tell you this, plain and straight forward because it is something our country is debating about currently. When God sees genders confused (transgender and homosexual marriages), He is NOT pleased and is NOT being glorified. God is only glorified when His plan, which is a marriage between one man and one woman, is enforced and obeyed. God is glorified when women are feminine and men are manly.

Lastly, Elisabeth Elliot asks you women to simply be women, only women, and be authentic women of God. Women are unique beings made by God, so if you are a woman, act like one, talk like one, dress like one, and be one. And most importantly be an authentic woman of God.


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  1. Daniel Soine says:

    VERY good, Sarah! I am proud of the young lady you are becoming!


    1. Tiribulus says:

      As well you should be sir. I have enjoyed your sermons too.

  2. Tiribulus says:

    Do you realize, ladies, that being a girl is a gift? It’s amazing to think that God specifically designed YOU to be a girl. Even before conception, He chose you, your looks, your personality, and even your flaws. You are unique!
    Awesome Sarah! SO true. Oh how so many are selling themselves short by groping and grasping for what is neither their design nor better than what they’ve been created for anyway. Very good.

  3. Mary Valenzuela says:

    Hi, I am a friend of your dad (and mom) from many a year ago…. Good opinion essay, Sarah. I encourage you to continue to uplift femininity through proclaiming its benefits (the best of which is pleasing God, thus, fulfilling our purpose of design). Through God’s kindness we are led to repentance, rarely through man’s condemnation.
    Best wishes as you develop your writing and the authoritative voice you are exercising to the love of your Father and joy of your father!!!

    Mary Valenzuela

  4. Sarah Soine says:

    Thank you so much for commenting! It means a lot. My desire is that this blog will ultimately glorify God and that it would touch many people’s lives! I’m always glad to hear that people enjoy my posts. Especially from my parent’s friends from college and career! 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  5. Jennifer Hedden says:

    You are so talented. This is beautifully written. What a blessing it is to be created female. Also, if you’re looking for the girls who love 50’s style dresses and red lipstick, look no further. Those are two of my favorite things. We are truly blessed to be daughters of the God most high. Keep glorifying him in all you do.
    Jennifer Hedden

  6. Sarah Soine says:

    Thank you so much, Jenn! 🙂 It is a blessing to be female. I thought of you when I wrote “50s dresses and red lipstick”! You pull both of those off SO well. 🙂 Thanks for reading! God bless you.


  7. Anna says:

    Wow, I have this quote on my wall and love it! But especially loved your thoughts on it! I just found your beautiful blog and after reading about you, I like to think we would be really good friends 🙂 I am turning 18 in 17 days and will be graduation high school in 10 days 🙂 I’m homeschooled and live in Nebraska! I just wanted to say thank you for your uplifting encouragement and will continue reading your blog!

    1. Sarah Soine says:

      Thank you so much for this kind comment. 🙂 That is so neat that we are both homeschooled and are graduating in a couple weeks! I’d like to think that we would be really good friends to 🙂 Thank you so much for reading. It’s always such a blessing to receive comments as sweet as yours!

  8. Valeria says:

    Beautiful post!

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