flashback & sunday blessings

flashback monday & sunday blessings

My friend, Meredith sent me this picture and I wanted to post it on my blog! These are all the girls that participated in the DYW Program to Saturdays ago. I cannot tell you how fun it was meeting them all and spending the entire day with them. I feel very privileged to have been part of this program. I am the second from the right (#2) and my dear friend Meredith (current title holder) is to my left. :0)

Along with this post, I thought it would be convenient to combine my weekly (recently not-so-weekly) Sunday Blessings post. :0)

#106 Sweet Goodbyes
#107 Maxi Dresses and flats (I’m taking a break from wearing my favorite heels every single week :0)
#108 Perfect (in my opinion) weather; crisp blue skies, puffy white clouds, cool breeze, sunny
#109 Productive church meetings
#110 Fellowship with my favorite people until 9:30 at night!


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  1. David says:

    Great picture

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