A New Series

Hello my fellow readers and bloggers!

So, I’ve been thinking lately about beginning a new series of blog posts in addition to my weekly Sunday Blessings. The subject of modesty has been on my mind lately so I’ve decided to write a weekly (hopefully) blog post on the sometimes controversial topic of modesty vs immodesty. Here is my agenda:

*What is Modesty?

*Why is it important/What’s wrong with immodesty?

*How to be Modest while wearing…(you’ll see later) 🙂

Now all of my insight under each of these topics are my opinion, so I don’t necessarily expect you all to agree with me on every single thing. However, I will be backing up my opinions with Scripture. Some people feel they can wear shorter dresses than others, for example. I don’t feel I should wear dresses above my mid-thigh, and that’s just for me. But, as girls we can’t always think about how comfortable we feel in clothing, we also need to think about what other people will think when we wear what we wear. That is probably the most important thing to think about. So, this is the series I have created and will do my best to go through! I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to comment or like. 🙂



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