Final Exam

We are coming to the end of the school semester and so what does that mean? FINALS! I don’t have much this year, but I am taking a U.S History course on my local Junior College. It is a hard class, but I am coming out with a very good grade; Praise the Lord, all the glory goes to Him. My teacher has posted our final directions: a 150 question multiple choice exam. Yes, that is 150 questions. For me, I would rather have a long essay due than a mega-test. We are also timed for 2 hours and 20 minutes, which is nice and thankfully it is open book. I usually want to do tests by memory as best as I can, but this time I might take advantage of it. 🙂ImageMy history book…the final is on the entire thing….the book is exactly 1 inch thick and 1,130 pages long!


ImageBelow will be my face when I have completed my final on Sunday night. 🙂

ImageThe GREAT news is that finals mean Christmas is coming sooner!!


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