Stanford Visit 10/31/13

While my family and I were in Redwood City (near SF) for my Mom’s brain surgery (10/29-10/31), my Dad wanted to take my brother and I to go see the beautiful campus of Stanford University. Our hotel was about 10-15 minutes away, so it was very convenient.

The campus was HUGE. We didn’t even walk around the whole thing, but once we went to the top of the Herbert Hoover tower we could see everything. It was really beautiful to get up there and see San Francisco a far off, as well as the Bay Bridge and the San Mateo Bridge. And, of course the Stanford campus. 🙂 All the buildings on campus are really old to, which was very interesting to see. I know this was about a month ago, but I will still post some pictures!


This is the entrance to Stanford!


The Herbert Hoover tower, as we are walking to it. It was named after Herbert Hoover (obviously), who was not only one of our President’s, but also in the first graduating class of Stanford University.


A picture I took, with my non-smart phone, from the Herbert Hoover tower. It came out to be quite a neat picture!


This a hallway close to the Catholic looking church we walked into. This was like a little courtyard and all you saw half the time were students on bikes! I think because the campus is so huge, bikes are the primary way of getting around. 🙂

This little visit was a lot of fun, although I felt weird walking around seeing all these students who not only are smart but they look it to! We stopped by the bathrooms in the Science Building before we left, and I got to listen in to 2 students having a deep conversation about science-y stuff. I felt a little dumb. 🙂 Be assured, I have no desires to go to college there, unless the Lord wants me to, of course. 🙂



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