My Dear Friend, Olivia

My Dear Friend, Olivia

Yesterday, one of my dearest friends, Olivia Monroe, flew off to Virginia for college. Her friendship to me has been nothing but sweetness, laughs, and the love we share in Christ. I am so happy to see her going to a Christian college and I know she is so excited. Yet, I am sad to see her go. For the few years I have known her, we have enjoyed so many memories! Sometimes we joke that I am her “adopted sister” or vice versa. 🙂 She has 2 sisters of her own and all of us are so close! She is truly a beautiful, sweet, humble, and loving young woman of God.

I will be continually praying for her and her new life as a college student, and I hope that we will remain very close friends. I love you, Olivia!


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  1. Shaylah says:

    That is a really beautiful picture of her!

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